The Rise in Older Divorce Rates and Its Causes

The conventional wisdom holds that a marriage’s first seven years are the most challenging. According to some experts, if a marriage can make it through the first seven years, it has a good chance of enduring. New evidence, nevertheless, challenges that assertion. The divorce rate for people 50 and older has doubled in the last three decades, reflecting a trend toward later marriage and divorce in the United States. Discuss your case with a divorce lawyer Birmingham, AL.

Shifts in Perspective on Matrimony

Cultural attitudes toward marriage sdasrinagar have shifted dramatically in recent decades. Some of the credit for this goes to progress in women’s rights. Unlike in 1974, when a woman’s employment rate was significantly lower, and she needed a male cosigner to acquire a credit line, nowadays, women are in the workforce in much higher numbers and have greater financial independence.

This has contributed to dismantling the belief that marriage is for life. There will be less pressure to stay in a bad marriage if each partner can make ends meet on their own.

All the Kids Have Left the Nest

Generally, by the time a couple reaches their 50s, they have no further desire to start a family. Surprisingly many married couples discover they have little in common after years of raising kids and dealing with the upheaval that is parenthood. Without wrinky a deliberate effort to keep the marriage alive, there may be no place to go back to once the kids are grown. This provides long-distance couples with an ordinary transition from married to single life Celebrity height.

The Wish to Enjoy One’s Retirement Years

The average lifespan of humans keeps rising. Unhappy couples in their 60s used to be able to stick it out because they knew they only had a few years left together, but modern-day couples in their 60s may have decades of life ahead of them. With the promise of decades more happiness ahead, many people find the courage to go through the upheaval of a divorce later in life.

Achieving Financial Independence and Security

Some elderly couples may choose to remain married for the networthexposed sake of financial security, even if they have few resources to call their own. On the other hand, older couples who have saved and invested for decades are less likely to do so. When couples stay together after getting married, it’s usually because they find happiness and satisfaction in the union web series review.

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