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MetaStock – The Best Software to Analyse the Stock Market

With over one hundred computerized stock market systems, MetaStock can be a valuable tool to anyone looking to make money on the stock market. The software is able to scan stock charts and identify the targeted conditions of these systems, allowing you to profit from their findings. There are also several add-ons that can enhance your stock market analysis. This article will discuss the best tools and software available today.

Technical analysis uses charting to predict the direction of a stock’s price movement. It requires access to both price and volume data over time. Technical analysis makes use of stock indicators and drawing tools. This software is free to use for anyone with a TradeStation brokerage account. If you’re a professional, you can pay up to $199 a month to access its full functionality. However, most systems will have a trial period that will give you an idea of the features of the software.

VectorVest promotes the Value, Safety, and Timing (VST) system. It uses proprietary stock market indicators to evaluate stocks on exchanges. RV represents estimated return versus a AAA corporate bond; RS measures the stability of a company’s financials; RT refers to the short-term trend of a stock. VST Value-Safety Timing combines all three of these indicators to create a single stock market indicator.

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