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Is Car Insurance Per Person Or Per Car?

Auto insurance premiums vary by age, gender, and driving history, and the costs of medical care and litigation can increase or decrease the cost of coverage. The prevalence of insurance fraud and weather trends can also affect premium costs. Some insurers place more emphasis on younger drivers, while others view married people as more stable and less likely to take risks. Senior citizens also tend to pay more for car insurance than younger drivers, because they are more likely to get into accidents.

Insurance premiums tend to be higher for sports cars, because sports cars tend to reach faster top speeds. And because drivers in sports cars tend to drive more aggressively, they often get speeding tickets, which raise the premiums. Luxury vehicles are also expensive and often have expensive parts and engines. Moreover, electric cars can cost thousands of dollars in repairs. Thus, drivers must consider the costs of electric and hybrid vehicles when comparing their premiums.

Although the price of car insurance is generally higher for a single vehicle, it is possible to get a cheaper quote by insuring more than one vehicle. But remember that cheap insurance doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. Make sure to take credit worthiness into account when selecting your insurer. Additionally, fewer miles driven each year can mean lower insurance rates. Ask your insurance agent about mileage thresholds to find the cheapest policy.

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