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Torii has announced the launch of its SaaS Series 10M, which is a new and improved version of its software. Having listened to a lot of feedback from customers and partners, Torii has been able to refine the platform. This release features a number of improvements that will make it easier for users to integrate and deploy Torii. The platform is also much faster than ever, and is capable of performing many tasks in a fraction of the time that it took before.

Revenue growth year-over-year

Torii is an early stage startup that is making waves in the SaaS management space. They offer a holistic approach to managing software in the enterprise, including automation. With a growing roster of customers, including Instacart, Athletic Greens and Carrier Corporation, Torii has seen their revenue grow year over year.

Among their innovations is the Orchestration Engine, a no code engine that allows companies to easily manage the myriad applications they use every day. Using their platform, you can discover, monitor and optimize your apps, as well as manage your licenses and compliance. The company also boasts deep integration with over 100 SaaS applications.

On a related note, the company just raised $50 million in Series B funding led by Tiger Global Management. The Series B round was preceded by a $10 million Series A investment by Wing Venture Capital, an early stage investor. As a result of the growth, Torii has added 84 employees, including seven in Israel and 17 in the US, and they’ve achieved a 300% year-over-year growth in headcount.

Platform’s Orchestration Engine

With the announcement of its Series A financing, Torii is looking to expand its data science teams in Israel and expand its commercial teams in the US. The company’s platform offers automated workflows and a no-code automation engine that will allow IT managers to control SaaS applications in their organizations toonily.

The company’s orchestration engine provides a single view of all discovered apps and their associated data. The platform also allows users to build playbooks against its unified software graph to automate any internal IT process. Its upcoming product development includes compliance readiness, cost allocation, and automatic software recommendation.

Torii’s technology helps IT managers gain full visibility into the enterprise’s SaaS usage and spend. The platform matches millions of data points from enterprise systems to help IT teams manage and optimize their SaaS usage. Additionally, the platform’s workflows reduce human effort in everyday, routine tasks. In addition, Torii boasts a no-code engine for automation and deep integrations with over 100 SaaS applications.

Company’s founders

Torii is a SaaS management startup. The company helps customers make the most of their SaaS ecosystems, and also educates business leaders on how to best manage their SaaS applications. With a team of 30 employees, Torii is headquartered in the Tel Aviv suburb of Ra’anana, Israel. It uses machine learning to analyze data and develop new intelligence features.

Torii has raised $15 million in funding. This includes a $10 million series A investment led by Wing Venture Capital. The company plans to use the money to expand its commercial and engineering teams in Israel and the United States. In addition, Torii will develop a new management platform.

Founded in 2017, Torii is a startup focused on building a SaaS management automation engine. The startup’s goal is to create a solution that allows IT professionals to manage their SaaS tools more effectively. By using a workflow engine that can be easily integrated into existing applications, the company hopes to provide a streamlined way for users to track, monitor and maintain their SaaS tools.


SaaS has changed the way we work, both in and out of the office. In fact, it’s changing the way businesses are doing business, too. With so many new technologies, organizations are looking to take on new strategies and techniques. But in order to get the most out of their investments, they need to know how much software is being used, where it is being used, and which services are underutilized.

Torii is a SaaS management platform that helps companies monitor, control, and optimize their spend on cloud apps. Using machine learning to analyze millions of events, the company is able to track over four billion transactions and over $1 billion in total spend. The company has found that businesses are deploying 18 to 20 new SaaS tools every month. That means there are a lot of redundant purchases, which dilutes purchasing power and creates interorganizational friction.

Torii recently announced its Series A funding, led by Wing Venture Capital, Global Founders Capital, and Entree Capital. These funds will help the company continue to expand its commercial team in the U.S., expand its data science teams in Israel, and build its management platform.


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