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Can a Mechanic Ask to Be Paid If Your Car Was Not Fixed?

If your mechanic has billed you for work that was not performed, you can file a complaint with your state attorney general’s office. If your mechanic refuses to accept your complaint, you can contact the Better Business Bureau’s Alternative Dispute Resolution division. If you fail to resolve the issue through these avenues, you can take the dispute to small claims court. However, you must prove that you’ve lost money due to the repair and that the mechanic did nothing to fix your car.

The best way to resolve this issue is to be civil and calm. You can try to explain why you’re unhappy with the work performed on your car and what you expect. You can also take your car to another mechanic and have them verify the problem and fix it properly. If your mechanic is unable to fix the issue, you should talk to other people who have had similar experiences.

If you’ve tried everything else, but still have trouble getting your car fixed, you can go to court and demand payment for the repair. While it’s unlikely that your mechanic will agree to accept payment, he or she can still keep the car. A mechanic can also file a mechanic’s lien against your car and sell it in order to recover their debt. You should be able to defend your decision in court by discussing the issue with another mechanic and bringing written statements from the other mechanic.

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