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Can a Fashion Designer Be a Model?

Both fashion designers and models have creative skills, and both types of work in the fashion industry. Designers create clothing that is sold in the fashion world, while models are more often seen in the background during photo shoots. Modeling requires both a certain physical appearance and talent in fashion design. A successful fashion designer may also have a background in the modeling industry, or be a model who has already established himself.

A successful model will be tall and thin with a beautiful face. She should also have the requisite athletic physique. A model can be either male or female, and she should have a good figure to model the designs. A model must also be able to walk unassisted. Models often have to wear clothes that cover their bodies. A model who has to wear tights is not a good candidate for this job.

Fashion designers study and research fashion trends. They sketch designs and choose materials to create the final products. They use computer aided design (CAD) to visualize their designs, and often work on a dummy or mannequin-like dress stand to make a rough prototype. The model serves as a prototype, and helps the designer see how the material drapes on the human body. The model, meanwhile, is the model who models the clothing and makes sure it fits correctly.

A model can be a fashion designer or a model. Neither job requires a higher degree or any formal education. However, a degree in fashion design can help a model land more modeling jobs. Both jobs require good communication skills and attention to detail. Fashion designers are expected to have excellent design skills and be able to translate sketches into a finished product. This means a fashion designer will make more money than a model.

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